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Specializing in Health & Wellness coaching, Corrective Exercise, Occupational Conditioning, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Stretching, Sports Injury and Prevention, Rehabilitation, Sports Training, Tennis Instruction, Weight Loss & Gain, Yoga, Breathing and Meditation

As a qualified and accredited trainer/coach for over 16 years, I’ve been helping my clients become healthier, one body at a time. Whether you are an executive who wants the mental & physical stamina you need to run a successful business, a stay-at-home mom who wants to lose weight, a retiree who needs to relieve pain, a yogi who wants to become more flexible, a bodybuilder who wants to bulk up in muscle, or an athlete who wants to perform better in your sport; contact me to get started today!


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About Me

As a Certified Master Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I will do my best to incorporate my knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals in the most effective way possible.  
         I have over 16 years professional experience on top of the numerous years prior helping others and learning all I could to keep myself fit and healthy.   While a trainer at Gold's Gym, I gained expertise through my experience and success with various clients and the other trainers at Gold's before starting All Over Fitness.
         While in college I played on the Women's Tennis Team at the University of Texas in Tyler.  I play on a Championship level Women's WTTA tennis team.  I have played in several USTA tournaments, am ranked as a minimum 4.5 player for the USTA, and until recently played on two 4.5 teams.  One of my teams advanced to sectional in Dallas.  I am ranked as a 5.0 player in Ultimate Tennis and was a singles finalist.  I teach tennis to various clients at all levels who want to learn for fun and/or play on their own USTA league.  I was also on an indoor co-ed 6V6 soccer team and a women's 3V3 team at the Soccerplex in Cedar Park for 2 years.
    I completed my 3rd Austin Distance Challenge in 2012 and competed in my 4th in 2018.  .
    I completed the 90/90 Pure Bikram Challenge with Sonia Rangel where we completed 90 bikram classes in 90 days.

I am now playing on a Championship WTTA team and have jumped on the Pickleball train and was fortunate enough to take a Pickleball class in college. Who knew 30 years later it would be so popular.
    In the past 49 years I have continued to stay physically active even through the births of my two beautiful children. 


How I can help you


Executive Health & Wellness Coaching

As an owner or part of the c-suite you have challenges that are particular to your job. I help executives become or stay healthy in order to stay in peak performance on the job and at home.

Corrective Exercise

Used to correct muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions, neuromuscular problems, and postural distortion patterns.  Includes:  Inhibition of overactive muscles through myofascial release & stretching, Activation of underactive muscles, and Integration of all muscles working together.


This is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Whether it’s losing weight or trimming and toning, my program will improve your health and have you feeling great. You’ll see an improvement in your performance in no time.


The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.


Muscle Building

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. What are you waiting for? Book a session today!

Myofascial Release

The quickest and most effective way to release knots/adhesions/scar tissue/trigger points. This realigns the joints which eliminates pain and restores range of motion.

Tennis & Sports Coaching/Training

I love all types of sports and have the knowledge and equipment to help you become the best athlete. Train for your specific sport, learn a new sport, or just enjoy a fun way to exercise.

Program Design

I will personally design each individual workout based on your needs at that particular time. I will take the time to invest in you and will dedicate myself fully to inspire you to reach your goals.


Client Reviews

What People Are Saying About All Over Fitness


Geneva Tassin

Genny lost 90 lbs, gained lean mass and went from couch potato to running a marathon in 1 year.  She has maintained her weight for the past 5 years. Genny did physicals every year but at 90lbs overweight Genny ignored all the risks these reports would tell her. Genny was working over 80 hours a week but still finding time to go out to eat with friends and go to family feasts with her husband in New Orleans. Genny was definitely loving life but with no regard for how it was affecting her health and her life. Then Genny retired. She went in for her yearly physical a few months after but this time she sat down and looked at the results. The risks for all diseases were extremely high and the thing that hit her the most was that they were all created by her lifestyle and were reversible. That was the day Genny decided she wanted to live, to live not only longer but healthier. She contacted us at All Over Fitness and that was the start of her ability to in the next year drop 90 lbs and gain 2 lbs of lean mass, correct the misalignments in her pelvis and spine, grow an inch & a half, fix her knees so that she could eventually run a marathon and eliminate all risks of diseases that she previously had. Genny is just one of the hundreds of clients we have been able to help.


Paula Bledsoe

Paula dropped over 75 lbs with us, became very flexible and is recently started playing pickleball.

"My first introduction to All Over Fitness was at a women's club meeting. They presented the program. They talked about the usual nutrition, cardio, strength training (really? this is 300 women over 55), and much more. What got my interest and lots of others too was when they demonstrated what to do to ease arthritis  pain.  Huh! myofascial release!  This is going to take some thinking about.  Well a few days later at my annual physical my Dr recommended I really 'think' about a trainer.  My other choices were not good. Pre diabetic, 100 lbs overweight and I couldn't climb the stairs at my house.  Not to mention I have another Grand baby coming!" 

I found AOF on line. I called and they scheduled an assessment. They came to my house for this. Ok I committed to that but nothing more.  Cheryl arrived, we chatted about my goals then she  weighed me, ugg. Not sure about this super fit woman with lots of positive energy.  My door bell rang during this process.  It was my housekeeper bringing me a fresh out of the oven pie. Really? ... I took the pie and told her that although I appreciated it I was no longer eating this way '"I had just committed to a fitness plan" surprised me! I ask the housekeeper  to  please not bring me food anymore. I was so surprised that I made that commitment. Pie went in freezer until the holidays.  

To say AOF changed my life is not adequate.  What they did/still do is they helped me change my own life. First they taught me about self care and how to use a foam roller instead of taking a pill and going to bed. They guided me to walk around the block, really? I live on a hill. When they wanted me to do a situp I thought they had lost their minds. Now I can do Situps without even cringing.  The baby weights I was using have gotten to be heavier weights. I'm still not a power lifter. I went from 8 prescription medicines to 1. I've gone down 10 clothing sizes.  My idea of fun for my 66 birthday was for all the girls in my family to do a 5K!  Sonia and Cheryl were there too.My family was very supportive  and very surprised when I crossed that finish line. At 68 I find out I love to walk, hike, swim and kayak. I got on the floor with that grand baby and can get up.  

 That's just the beginning of my relationship with Cheryl and Sonia at AOF. Can I ever thank them enough for saving my life? The answer is no because because they refuse to take the credit.  They continue to teach me I'm responsible for me and my thoughts and actions.  All Over Fitness gave me hope when I had none." 


Marion Bartoli 2013 Wimbledon Champion

Marion won Wimbledon in 2013 but decided to retire a month later because her body was in so much pain.  She was here in Austin playing for the Austin Aces when she contacted us to help her with her shoulder pain.  They were taping her shoulder before the matches and icing it immediately after.  We worked on her for 30 mins before her warmup for her last match.  She said it felt so good during the warmup that she wanted us to work on her other shoulder to make it feel just as good.  She played an incredible match with no pain, no tape, and no need for icing.  In fact, she felt so good that she asked us to hang out with her for the rest of the weekend and stay with her at her hotel.  We worked on her abs, quads, calves, neck, etc and showed her what she could do to stay healthy.  She said she felt amazing when she left and asked for more workouts that she could do while she was gone.  We are still friends and talk or text with her at least once or twice a month.  She recently played in the year end Masters Final in Singapore and won!!!  So happy to have helped such an amazing player & person!!


Kathy Bobo

"What a miracle! I
cannot believe how much better I feel
after our session today. I was beginning
to think something major was wrong.
Thank you for helping me and I know
there are many more tennis players who
could benefit from your knowledge and
service. You have taught me so much
about what I should be doing to keep
playing the game that love. Thanks"


Mark Tassin

Mark broke his neck and had severe back pain. Through Myofascial Release and Yoga with Sonia and I, Mark has been pain free for the past 5 years. 

"You keep me upright, you keep my back from hurting, and it used to hurt a lot. You keep me moving, you keep me active, you keep me stretching. I don't know how I would have made it through the year without your help."


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