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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you make accommodations for co-vid?

Yes, we can meet on-line, over the phone, or I can in home and sanitize everything and wear a mask. I limit my number of in-home clients which minimizes my chance of transmitting it.

Do you provide group training or boot camps?

I have in the past but with co-vid I am limiting group training to family members and/or close friends. If you have a group interested contact me and will set up the details.

How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

I am not a college student or 20 year old making extra money. This is my life and my passion. I will do anything possible to help you. Most trainers are not Certified Master Trainers or Corrective Exercise Specialists. I am able to quickly fix issues to keep you training and see results faster.

What happens if I can't make a scheduled session?

We will reschedule it. I do everything I can to make sure you get all your sessions paid for done within the month. I do ask for 24 hour notice unless it is an emergency and if you need to switch days and times I am usually very flexible to accommodate you.

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