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"Hello, my name is Mark.

Let me start by saying I am a big guy, always have been. Barrel chested, very wide shoulders, tall and thick. My back, three lower discs, went out many years ago and like most guys I did nothing about it, so over the years the pain got worse until it was so intense I could not take anymore. I was in constant pain, doctor's rate pain 0-10, some days I was a 12-15 (not a joke). When pain is that intense there is no position, standing, sitting, or laying, that will give relief. My joints, muscles, legs and feet were also affected. I could not walk more than a hundred yards before my legs and feet felt like they were on fire. Finally I went to a doctor, five specialists later they all came up with the conclusion, "learn to Iive with pain and when the pain gets too much, we'll operate; however, there is only a 50% chance the operation would work and there is also a chance it could make it worse, but in the meantime go to a chiropractor they might be able to help. So I went to a chiropractor and he did help and relieve much of my pain. on a bad day my pain level was a 5-6, on a good day it was 3-4, and I was able to walk a little more. I can tell you first hand, "you don't learn to live with the pain, you just live with the pain".

After months of asking and prodding, my wife talked me into going to All Over Fitness. I have been going to All Over Fitness for a little over four months now, I wish I had gone the first time my wife asked me. My results have been "life changing". My range of motion has dramatically improved, I can tell you I have greater range of motion today than I had fifteen years ago. My muscle, body tone, and posture have all had outstanding improvements. My back pain is all but gone, on a bad day its 2-3, on a good day its 0, that's right, "0" no pain. Please understand I have had back pain for over thirty years and to realize on a late Thursday afternoon that there was no pain radiating out of my back well, that is life changing. Because of these personal improvements that Cheryl and Sonia from All Over Fitness have helped me achieve through their myofascial release procedures I am now active and moving again. I have started lifting weights again and I'm walking without pain, up to four miles every other day now. I say now because I plan to increase the distance, I am moving and exercising again which means I am losing weight. For the first time in over twenty years I weigh under three hundred pounds, and the pounds keep falling off. All of this in just over four months, again its life changing!

If you are thinking of going to see Cheryl and Sonia at All Over Fitness, stop thinking and do it. It changed my life, it can change yours."

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